Anonymous asked: Did you by chance attend the makeup academy in MEL? I'm very interested but don't know much about it. I'm in the states, you see..

I studied at the Academy of Makeup on Chapel Street in Melbourne.
I did my diploma there and absolutely loved it, couldn’t recommend it any more :)!!!
Go for it!!!

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Anonymous asked: Hi gorgeous :) I was just wondering if you could recommend some of your favourite nude coloured lipsticks? Thank you in advance, have a lovely day x

I hope you have a nice day too :)
I generally use lip pencils for my nude lip.
Gorgeous Cosmetics Barely There and Qiana are great pencils.
LimeCrime’s Coquette and Babette are incredibly popular nudes also.

3 days ago on 07/28/14 at 08:58pm

Anonymous asked: What types/ colours of make up particularly Bronzer/ blush, eyeshadow, lip pencil, and lipstick are you wearing in that photo of you on your bed in a black leotard?

All gorgeous cosmetics :)!
Bronzer: 02 endless summer
Blush: Coral
Shadow: Natural, Fudge and Matte Tan
Liner: Cake Eyeliner with eyeliner sealant
Brows: Nouveaux Brow Pencil with LimeCrime Alchemy Pallette’s copper eyeshadow over the top.
Lip: Qiana Lip Pencil.

3 days ago on 07/28/14 at 08:56pm

becjayy asked: Hey Madison :) I'm not sure if you've answered this before so I'm sorry if you have, but I was wondering what you use for your brows? I have copper hair as well and it's so difficult finding a nice brow shade that actually matches my hair. Thanks beautiful xx

Hello lovely :)!!!
I use the Nouveaux pencil by Gorgeous Cosmetics to define my brows first and then a copper shadow in LimeCrime’s Alchemy palette :)

3 days ago on 07/28/14 at 08:50pm

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