I hate bad dreams so badly :(

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Anonymous asked: Happy Easter for yesterday, did you have any choccies if so did you get some diary free ones or splurge on the bad stuff? :)

Thanks :), you too.
I worked all long weekend and didnt eat any dairy free chocolate, whoops!

1 day ago on 04/22/14 at 12:03am

Kitty cuddles make everything better #crazycatlady #anahateslife #ragdoll #devonrex #crappymoodbegone

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Anonymous asked: How did you become a makeup artist? Did you go to school for it? Id love to know how you got to where you are today. You are absolutely lovely by the way

Ow thank you :)!

I studied my diploma in 2012, however freelanced for quite a few years before then teaching myself as I went.

2 days ago on 04/21/14 at 12:57am

Johnny Cash and June Carter

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“Hoppy Easter” lovelies :D!

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